Restoration Ranch
Monday, September 22, 2014
Parenting with Purpose

About Us

     Paul and Billie Kaye Tsika began their ministry in 1971.  The beginning years were more about mentorship than ministry.  In 1975, their ministry began to really blossom.  Billie Kaye was at home in Zachary, Louisiana raising the children while Paul traveled preaching revival meetings and Bible conferences over 40 weeks a year.

     Through the years as the children went off to college, Billie began traveling fulltime with Paul.  During that time they moved to Asheville, North Carolina and made a decision to take a two year sabbatical to attend Fruitland Bible Institute and get their associates degree.  Shortly after graduation, they purchased a Prevost bus and for the next 13 years lived and traveled in that bus fulltime.  Billie's ministry enlarged as she sang and recorded; while Paul continued to preach and write.  Billie has six albums to her credit and Paul has authored 5 books.

     The greatest change came in the year 2000.  After 30 years of traveling, preaching, and singing in churches across the country, they were given an opportunity to become pastor/spiritual advisor to World Wide Dream Builders of Spokane, Washington.

     Accepting this invitation would necessitate that they bring their evangelistic ministry in traveling to a close.  But at the same time, Paul and Billie both knew that all their years of experience had been preparing them for this great challenge.  In 2001, they accepted Ron Puryear and the Management Team's invitation and became the pastor/spiritual advisor to World Wide Dream Builders.

     Restoration Ranch was already in its infancy when they joined World Wide, but now the focus would be towards ministering to the couples in the organization as well as pastors and church staff members.

     Their life is now very full with their two sons along with two daughters-in-law and seven grandchildren all working to make Restoration Ranch successful.

     Their daughter Gretchen and her husband, Mark along with their three daughters serve Immanuel Baptist Church in Highland, California as Minister of Education pastor.

     Through 35 years, the Lord has done great things in their life and ministry.  But when asked about their life, Brother Paul has said, "The best is yet to come, because Jesus always saves the best wine for the last."

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